Guild Wars 3

The third installment of the game Guild Wars is on its way. There are rumors regarding its future release date. While it won’t happen until 2016, a lot of speculation is going on.
The latest Guild Wars game came out not so long ago. Because the second installment didn’t take the developers from ArenaNet a couple of months, we can only suggest that the third game will not come out earlier than in the next couple of years. Or, at least, until the end of 2016.
The ArenaNet company has made an impressive base of extra content for their Guild Wars 2. This amount is enough not only for a series of significant upgrades but also for a brand new game. Probably it’s a good move for the developers, to fit all the possible extensions into the sequel, for the fans to enjoy.

Possible Guild Wars 3 Release

Right at the moment, the amount of new stuff is considerable. However, another Guild Wars game is only in the developers’ plans. It is possible that they will only produce enough materials after another 5 or more years, to repeat the fate of Guild Wars 2.
Meanwhile, ArenaNet is not standing still. They are working hard on providing the players with new directions for moving in the game. The plot is ever-evolving, and the story takes changes with every stage. The gameplay is always challenging, and the fans seem to be quite happy.
While there is no news regarding the third installment of the Guild Wars game, and the second on is on the go, we will keep you updated on the latest news. Be sure to come by from time to time to check it out. Until then, you can share your thoughts on the games’ progress here.
Guild Wars 3 is rumored to be released somewhere starting from the end of 2016.
What would you expect from the new Guild Wars?

Update: Guild Wars 3 Release

As you can no doubt see, it is 2017 right now. Unfortunately, the third part of Guild Wars still remains fiction. It is not released yet, and neither is it pre-release currently.
Of course, with games, there is no single release date one can miss, rather, we get sales instead, which are harder to overlook than an airing but that doesn’t make any delays any more pleasant. Nevertheless, there is hope yet. We will keep you informed.

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