Final Strike Alpha

The Alpha version of the simulator under the name “Final Strike” became accessible as far back as 2015. Nevertheless, the creators are still developing the project taking into consideration all the viewers’ opinions about the drawbacks of the game.

The outline

Final Strike Alpha First View
The simulator comes to be worked up by the company Ghost Machine that is now busy with a lot of projects as, for example, Taxi Apocalypse. The players get an opportunity to dip into the world of military pilots who are fighting against aliens that have invaded into the Earth’s atmosphere. The thematic direction of the shooter reminds the plot of the film under the title “Independence Day”.
The game can be enjoyed by means of the virtual headset that can be bought on the official website of the company Oculus.
The player is going to deal with multiple missions involving obstacle piloting, massive air actions with the aliens, and drone training. The user will be able to play alone or as a member of the group consisted either of your online friends or the gaming computer characters. If there is a wish, one can also become the alien that is destructing the human race.

The launch of the Alpha version

The Final Strike Alpha release date is considered to be May 7, 2015. Such an early access to the services is quite explainable. The thing is that the top VR hardware by means of which Final Strike should be played is still under development. The creators of the game are just waiting for the official commercial launch of the product under the title “Valve Vive”. Thus, the final launch of the game is to be expected maximum in 11 months. At least, the developers assure their fans in such a way. Waiting for the release you may now try the early access version in order to test it in the best way and send the commentary to the creators.
However, meanwhile, the creators do not waste time. They continue to improve their program taking into account the commentaries of the immediate users. When the Valve Vive hardware characteristics are known, the developers of Final Strike will drive visual qualities and the game speed to the high demands of VR displays.
As Neal Nellans, one of the main members of the team Ghost Machine, has noted, the on-the-day version of the game is considered to be the immersive practice in their history of projects. He also added that with this game the users got a great opportunity to become adjusted to the VR landscapes. Receiving useful feedbacks from the users who are playing in the early access servers, the developers are glad that the immediate fans of their game works are taking part in the development. With the experimentative nature of virtual reality games, extraneous testing and opinions are considered to be the necessary parts of the production.
The current version includes most of the playable levels and enemies with their huge and monstrous flying machines. The design and the sounding are practically finished. As the developers assure, the final version will not differ greatly from the current one. Only some additional polishing touches will be added.

Greenlight trailer

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