Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Final Fantasy XV release date
Final Fantasy XV release date was announced. Final Fantasy XV, formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII is an action RPG for consoles PS4 and Xbox One.
Final Fantasy XV release date of the demo:
The company Square Enix has announced that the demo version of Final Fantasy XV – announced about eight years ago, the license issue of the popular cycle Final Fantasy – will be published March 20, 2015. Code to access it will make to the role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0, which will be in stores on the same day.
In the demo scene will appear from the initial episodes of the game, but the sequence of events and other details will be modified so as not to duplicate the final product.
As reported by Square Enix, the novelty has changed radically. Earlier Final Fantasy XV engaged Tetsuya Nomura, the creator of the series Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy universes united and Disney. Now, instead of a project will be led by Hajime Tabata, author of Final Fantasy Type-0, and Nomura will be able to fully concentrate on Kingdom Hearts III – the game, which has long been waiting for fans of the series.
By the announcement of the demo in the Square Enix produced a new video.
Final Fantasy XV was announced in May 2006. Its development is very long by the standards of the gaming industry, the game managed to change the name, and was moved to the next-generation platform, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fifteenth installment promises to make darker spirit than a traditional Final Fantasy game. The action takes place in an open world, and the combat system uses an action-elements in the style of the series Kingdom Hearts. Numbered editions of Final Fantasy, intended for a single pass, traditionally very popular among gamers. Previous such part, Final Fantasy XIII, sold around the world sold over seven million copies.

The plot:
Role-playing game on the engine, Luminous Engine, whose main character, the prince protects the last crystal, remaining in his world.
Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is a heir to an ancient family of kings (but not yet Prince) – come from a country that controls the last of the world’s remaining crystals. Crystal supports the development of the country Noktisa. Other countries lost their crystals, directed all their efforts on military build-up, behind in the cultural development. They exchanged swords and magic firearms and hard fighting with the kingdom Noktisa to capture his Crystal. Thus, the country has isolated itself from the prince of the world. Soon followed by a short-lived peace, who immediately began to break the group of conspirators.

Final Fantasy XV release date was confirmed for the late of 2016. 
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