Endless Dead

The zombie apocalypse is returning with the new game under the title “Endless Dead” this autumn. Though the precise release date is determined, there is not so much information about the zombie shooter.

Short review

The game presents a mixture of two playing genres: RPG and an arcade that is concentrated on the zombie killing and robbery. The dangerous adventure of the character is certainly full of action. The game is a 3D isometric shooter. But it’s not all that simple as might appear at first sight.
The player will be able to battle its way through the infected regiments of zombies. Ten types of different armors will be available for the user. In order to obtain all of them the player should buy them for money earned right in the game. During the progress through the game way, the character will be certainly upgrading its skills.
Endless Dead Screenshot
The game suggests a one-man as wells as a multiplayer adventure. As for developers, the team is presented by Ghost Machine. The same company serves as the publisher of the game.

What is the game story about?

Here we deal with the virus with which the scientists have been infected during their hazardous experiments. The virus begins to expand very fast. The humans are again in danger. The monsters are filling the streets of the hero’s city where the laboratory is situated. The threatening virus is going to spread all over the world. Traditionally the character or a team of players should save the human race from the extinction finding the vaccine and distributing it among the survivors. The hero will have to pass indoor as well as outdoor levels.
The player should find out what exactly led to such a catastrophe. The final level can reveal the truth about which even the scientists from the research center are unable to make suggestions. Thus, some strategic thinking will be necessary for the player to turn on in order to wade through the game. The fate of the survivors and all the human race is in your arms, do not fail!

System requirements

The demands of Endless Dead are not so high if not minimal for such level of games. Thus, the game will fit practically in every computer.

  • Windows XP and later for PC
  • 1.6 GHz dual-core processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 256MB VRAM and some others
  • 600 MB of free memory on a hard disk

Endless Dead Promo
The game is fully compatible with the VR hardware. So if you are ready to plunge into the zombie’s virtual world, do not hesitate when the game comes out. It will be more exciting to play if there will be other gamers sitting beside you.

Launch details

So when can we expect the appearance of the game? Hopefully, there is an answer to this question. The Endless Dead release date is announced to be September 22, 2016. The fans of various shooters are looking forward to the launch in the hope that the game will satisfy their current expectations. While waiting, everyone can get acquainted with the official trailer that has been already released by the developers.

Greenlight trailer

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