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The much-awaited game Crysis 4 has been talked about a lot on the Internet. The fans have been expecting the fourth installment of the franchise for quite a while. Let us see what information there is on the game.

There has been no information on a particular release date of Crysis 4, and we may just guess how long it might take for the developers to do their work. Regarding the developers, they are definitely working on the fourth part of the game.

It has been also revealed that Crysis 4, unlike its three predecessors, will not be a first-person shooter. For a start, the franchise was first planned as a trilogy. Moreover, the FPS format has exhausted itself, and the developers’ team is looking for a fresh new twist in the sequel to the iconic franchise.


The core idea of the game is going to be changed, as the developers from Crytek have decided. The new chapter will feature a 4-player co-op mode.The four characters will be supplied with a nanosuit each and, thus, possess a multitude of capacities. The suits will also be improvable and upgradable, and they have their modes one can switch on. For instance, there will be serious firearms and the possibility of silent hunt with a simple bow.


Some of the information, as it always happens with big hits and long-awaited projects, has leaked. According to the sources, the players in Crysis will oppose terrorists who are planning to obtain a powerful biological weapon. This would allow them to make the whole planet theirs. The main characters who will be striving to save the humanity are Evan Bernard and George Bruno. Playing as one of them, you will have to perform a lot of destruction (armouries, warehouses, weapons, enemy bases, and more).


The release of the fourth Crysis is expected in early 2016. At first, the game will be released on PC and then on Xbox One and PS4 — it all is likely to happen in Q1 2016.

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