Battlefield 5

Very soon after the successful Battlefield 4 game, it has been decided that the series will be continued. This has caused a vast amount of rumours regarding when the release of the fifth installment will occur.
Internet Movie Database, a powerful tool for everybody affiliated with or just interested in the film industry, has already published some basic information regarding the upcoming Battlefield 5 project. On the website, you could find information about the composer named Steve Jablonsky, and that he would do the score to the game which is due to be released in 2018.
For your information, Steve Jablonsky has been known for his work on a number of popular projects. They include Transformers (the latest games and films), the series Gears of War, and also Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Currently, he is listed as working on Battlefield 5: Armageddon.
The further game’s description on the IMDb website lists the project as an action game, and also adventure. It also combines the themes of sci-fi and militarism in it. So, military sci-fi action adventure would be a more or less complete definition. The motto of the upcoming Battlefield game is as follows: “Total Chaos commences, the Armageddon begins now”.
The total budget of the game project is estimated at around $780,000. Although it is currently undergoing the pre-production phase, it has already found the willing publishers – Electronic Arts and DICE, the two collaborators who know quite a bit about the project.
In case if the information provided on the web and above is confirmed as true, we will happy to see something new and great from the Swedish developers. At first, in some couple of years, we will have Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars: Battlefront, and in some three years, the brand new Battlefield installment, Battlefield 5: Armageddon, will be out. It is still a question whether the developers decide to make some essential additions to the game’s story, as well as to its spin-off titled Battlefield: Bad Company. They appear to be on extended vacation.
Hopefully, in 2018, Battlefield 5: Armageddon will be released.
Are you excited about the upcoming release? Do you think the new Battlefield will differ significantly from its predecessors?

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