Arma 4

The rumors about Arma 4 release date certainly made some waves. Although the date has not been revealed, nor has been the fact there will ever be another sequel confirmed, it would be a welcome development. Everyone would admit that the combination of the game’s design and CryEngine sounds terrific. Crytek’s CryEngine algorithms are very effective when it comes to massive scenes with war machinery and vehicles. CryEngine-powered Virtual Attain backed by the US forces provides an opportunity to see very complex objects in details. Even something as complex as a US Navy ship.


All the action starts from the menu, from where the player can place him- or herself in a boat’s control room. There, the realistic-looking crew controls the vessel and obeys the commands the player gives them. Aside from the ship, there are other vehicles to check out, such as planes. The way to the pilot’s pit is guarded by an air force officer. The player can easily interact with him as well.
There are also locations where the vehicles arrive. And they surely are worth attention. The player can either watch aircraft land and take off or communicate with the pilots and captains who command the military forces.
Just imagine, CryEngine can change it all once and for all. War simulation games evolve into something truly sophisticated, and the entertainment industry changes for good.
While the fans of the game hope that the release of the new episode of Arma will happen as soon as possible, the fourth installment will probably not be out before the end of 2015.
What is your opinion of Arma 3? Are you waiting for the sequel?

Update: Arma 4 Release Date Apparently Delayed

So here the news, folks, or rather, a rumor. It looks like Arma 4 will not be coming out anytime soon, at least, not during any reasonable period. It is now believed we will get to play the new game no earlier than in a few years, five according to some of the more pessimistic prognoses. Keep in touch and we will keep you updated. Stay tuned!


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