Air Jordan 7 Pure Money

We feel so much anticipated as for the close releases of new Air Jordan shoes that are new in some cases and in others are to be shown as retro rebranding. Air Jordan 7 “Pure Money” is the release that will be followed by many of admirers of all-white shoes. But the question is in which way the colorway block will be applied to Air Jordan 7?
Air Jordan 7 Pure Money Release Date
In comparison with Air Jordan 4 “Pure Money”, these shoes won’t be almost all white. Here the grey suede touches are integrated into the white or a light pink leather. As the formal name of colorway says, the mismatch is much more likely a matter of lightening. The shoes will be white with silver inserts, as the brand scheme requires it. Enjoy the images, to make sure this will be your variant for future shopping. Will it be? Do not forget about informing us about your opinions. Let us know what you feel regarding these shoes and the discrepancy of colors in the comments below!

Appearing on Shelves Soon

As we have informed you, the launch is scheduled for the start of summer 2017. But what is Air Jordan 7 “Pure Money” release date? Has it been announced? To the luck of AJ brand followers, it is announced June 3, 2017. It is not so close as other releases but still, not much time is left before the premiere. Let’s cover the remained facts about the pair, thus.
The price is the same as in the case of AJ 4 – $190. However, this one will be made available in both adult and kids sizes. It is a marvelous opportunity to gladden your child with new white shoes, is not it? Do not miss it! Mark this day in your calendar to make a great visit to the shop!

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