White Mountaineering And Adidas Nmd R2

The beginning of the year is planned to be the time of new discoveries for lovers of active sports lifestyle. New sportswear lines are actively produced by numerous renowned companies to inspire you, your family members, and your friends start leading a healthy lifestyle, which means a lot more than a balanced diet. Active sports, no matter if they’re professional or nonprofessional ones, demand certain preparations, including comfortable and convenient sportswear. This time we’re talking about the result of one of the most successful recent collaborations – White Mountaineering and Adidas Originals.

That’s not the first time they unite to produce something brand new and totally different from the releases of the past. Spring of 2017 will be marked by a ton of releases of hottest models and Adidas MND R2 is not going to be an exception.

January of this year has already been a successful period of time for Adidas with the release of Campus 80s and the NMD R1 Trail. The beginning of this spring will be the time of the highly anticipated release of NMD R2 by White Mountaineering and Adidas. There’s a large photoset available for you to evaluate the quality and overall look of the sportswear.

NMD was initially created by Adidas in 2015. For several years further the model has been successfully modernized, new colorings were added together with new sets of materials. NMD has always been a perfect combination of geometry and style visible from every angle. The renewed model will certainly be as successful as its predecessors.

Adidas always manages to get rid of the boundaries separating the past from the future. NMDs refer to the iconic models of the 80s, while new technologies, engineering and flexibility make them a true achievement of modern sports footwear production. Wanna know more? Follow the official news in the media and don’t forget to check for the latest posts.

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