The Nike Vapormax Release Date

Well, that’s one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The Nike Vapormax will have a chance to become a true legend in the world of sports. Simply have a look at the preview photos and enjoy. Looks like it will be a completely new release for Nike and it won’t remind you of the older models as Flyknit, Lunarlon, and Air Max. All of them are iconic, but this time Nike Footwear is getting ready for something new. Nike almost fully changed the overall look of the retro sneakers. However, they do their best to pay special tribute to classic models of the past. The preview photoset is available for all customers. Have a look before you realize you actually need a couple of these.

Nike has already tried to plunge into fashion with COMME des GARCONS Nike Vapormax model. This time the look will be even more sophisticated. The bottom of the sneakers is planned to be transparent with dark grey and icy shades. The outsole Vapormax details will feature completely new technologies and mechanics of Air Max Corporation. The outside layer will have enough design elements to be significant without the use of a traditional midsole.

Nike Vapormax is planned for the release in the mid-March of this year. For more relevant details on the item, don’t forget to check the info on the official web resource or subscribe to our updates. Comments section down below can be used to leave your comments and attitude to the upcoming release. Would you like to get a pair of Nike Vapourmax and what would you like to add to it? Do you like the overall look or do you think that this one is perfect? Check the official resources if you wish to be among the first ones to get the item.

Nike Vapormax release date is planned for the March 16th, 2017. However, there’s a chance that the release date will be pushed.

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