Air Jordan 6 Still Blue Release Date

The oldest items produced by Air Jordan always stay the best ones. Of course, modern technologies has already invented a number of convenient features to bring improvements to the retro models. Spring of this year is going to be a time of hot sales for Air Jordan – they release a huge pack of items, both brand new ones and renewed retro models. One of them is the Air Jordan 6 Retro in a perfect blue and white coloring.

Of course, it’s clear that the gentle blue coloring combined with snow white coloring of the sole was inspired by soft and touching feminine nature, which makes the sneakers certainly destined for girls and women leading an active life full of vivid colors and bright emotions. The owners of Air Jordan have big plans for the development of this model. It’s also called Pantone, because it resembles one of the PEs created by Jordan several times ago. The unique Air Jordan 6 Retro release is carried out in a very light shade of blue. The midsole is released in a solid white color combined with opaque white hits performed in an extremely comfortable material of the heels. You can get a full set of images on the official webpage of Air Jordan together with latest release dates of the upcoming models. The Retro blue sneakers from Air Jordan will be available in all sizes that will be able to provide a mom and a daughter with a nice set of high-quality sports footwear.

Air Jordan 6 Retro Still Blue release date hasn’t been announced exactly, but it’s promised for spring of 2017. If you’re willing to purchase this item or to know more about the renewed retro version of one of the classic and iconic sneakers models, don’t forget to subscribe and additionally visit the Air Jordan webpage. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments section and express your personal ideas about the style and comfort of perfect sneakers for girls and women.

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