Air Jordan 6 Gs

This year is going to be a year of discoveries for all those fond of Air Jordan items. They are discoveries of various types – remodeled retro versions of sneakers that have already managed to conquer the world of sportswear or completely new designs produced in collaboration with renowned sports footwear designers. AJ does whatever possible to satisfy the desires of clients of both genders and all ages. Air Jordan 6 line is planned to be expanded for one more model that may turn out to be a great pleasure for active sporty females.

The sneak pic shows that Air Jordan retailers are getting ready for an exclusive item with almost the same coloring as Air Max 1 has (known as “atmos” colorway). However, Air Max 1 had that iconic elephant print coloring and Air Jordan 6 GS won’t feature it. That’s a fresh and light combination of basic white combined with black coloring of the sole and blue elements on the sides of the sneakers. The Jumpman logo on the tongue of the sneaker is done in bright turquoise. Perforated white leather design partially reminds of retro AJ models.

There’s no information about the exact Air Jordan 6 GS release date. However, we know that the item will be available in the beginning of the year. The retailers promise the release for January – February – March of this year. Stay tuned is you’re willing to be among the first ones to get a pair of brand new Air Jordan 6 GS sneakers. What do you think about the upcoming release? What elements of design would you likes to see if you had a chance to participate in the production of these iconic sneakers and what coloring option would you prefer? Share your thoughts, opinions and ideas in the comments section down below. Don’t forget to use the official Air Jordan web resource to share impressions and wishes – AJ deeply respects the customers willing to provide them with the items they desire.

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