Air Jordan 4 Black Royal

The excited fans following each and every Air Jordan release will certainly be glad to meet another cool item from Air Jordan 4 line. They have already been inspired by a chain of nice releases planned for the end of spring – beginning of summer of this year. Sportsmen from all over the world admire the pre-release photosets demonstrating the best features of AJ 4 Black Royal sneakers. One more perfect footwear to hit this summer! Well, let’s have a look.

This year is truly significant for Air Jordan 4 – this big year is going to be filled with numerous releases inspired by classic models and up-to-date technologies developed to simplify the lives of sportsmen and lovers of active life from all over the world. What strikes most part of the potential clients is the coloring. The combination of black and blue is one of the most popular among the consumers. Looks like it’s one of the best color designs for the sneakers ever created.

Besides, these most popular sneakers are going to combine the traits of Motorsports and Pure Money also coming back in a revived edition this spring – summer. The new variant of one of the most popular sneakers gets back to life in royal blue and black. Actually, this combination is the same as Bred Air Jordan 4 has with blue use instead of the red. A “Broyal” version? Who knows, summer is several months away and the creators always have a chance to add new details to the concept including the color. No matter how it will be called and how it will look like, you’ll end up with a perfect retro footwear for an active summer.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Black and Royal Blue is planned to be released on the 17th of June 2017 at price of $190. The combination of colors is black, royal blue and matte silver white. Don’t miss the premiere and stay tuned to the new posts if you’re willing not to miss another potentially successful release of AJ!

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