The Air Jordan 15 Retro In Navy

Air Jordan is slowly producing a pack of fresh surprises for the devoted fans. This spring is planned to be a period of new discoveries and unpredictable revelations. Retro models are presented in a revived design with updates and in new colorings. The materials are getting better and more practical. What can be better than a combination of a retro design with upgraded convenient materials in the base?

This time Air Jordan Brand decided to renovate one of the signature retro models that wasn’t as popular as other models of that period of time. Air Jordan 15 re-introduction will happen in Spring of 2017. AJ official media has already shared the preview photo with impatient customers. Let’s have a brief look at it and try to understand what we’re going to get this spring.

At first, we enjoyed the preview of Jumpman dark grey monochromatic design. This spring Jumpman is getting back in a simple Navy coloring. The model will also have a new grey shade in the area of the heel and the midsole unit in black. Navy blue is a perfect match for this classic version of AJs 15. They’re flexible, they’re comfortable, they’re long-lasting and truly unique. Don’t forget to visit AJ official web resource for more information on the upcoming releases.

The Air Jordan 15 Retro Navy release date is unknown yet. The official retailers plan to start sailing the sneakers in spring of this year together with a number of other highly anticipated models. Air Jordan fans are getting ready for a series of brand new and revived items – the choice will be huge, able to satisfy the desires of all customers. What item are you willing to get this spring? What do you think about AJ 15 Retro in Navy coloring? Wanna get a couple? Share your thoughts in the comments down below and express your opinion on the upcoming release if you have anything to add to the description.

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