Air Jordan 15 Retro Navy

The re-branding campaign in Air Jordan is not news for us and herewith we keep looking forward to new retro releases. This upcoming spring 2017 is aiming at covering many of the planned renovations. One of them is the Air Jordan 15 with the simple Navy aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at the pair.

Simple Navy Aesthetic

Monochromic dark gray pairs previewed earlier are not the only one turn into the direction of the original colorways. The simple Navy aesthetic introduced in the shoes under discussion in this post marks its uniqueness, as the appearance is surely queer in a good sense, is not it?
Air Jordan 15 Retro Navy Release Date
It offers the different shade of gray on the heel with the Jumpman logo made in white. Meanwhile, the black color is added to the midsole/outsole section. The dark blue shade is introduced as a contrast of the unique woven sensibilities the Jordan 15. The white woven part makes the pair unique again that will be not to everyone’s taste but indeed the comfortable wearing may become preference in front of the exterior.

Would You Pick up the Pair?

After digging into the look issues, the question whether this pair has tackled your interest appear evidently in front of us to push forward. We look forward to your comments. Leave them in the section below, to introduce your opinion to us, while waiting for the news that should touch the Air Jordan 15 Retro Navy release date.
Stay on with us, to be in the swim if you are hungry for info to come off int eh near future!

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