Air Jordan 13 Bred And Playoffs

Two more retro models are getting back to the world of professional sport lovers this year. That’s not a secret that brand new models of Air Jordan aren’t as popular among the sportsmen and fans of high quality sports footwear as the revivals of iconic items. This year will also be a true celebration for AJ fans because of some more AJ 13 models getting back after a slight remastering – they are Air Jordan 13 Black Cat and Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney. What are the other inspiring models getting ready for the release in 2017? 

We finally received news combined with photosets of AJ 13 Bred and AJ 13 Playoffs sneakers. These models have always been true icons of the brand in matters of design and coloring. These two pairs of nice and functional footwear is going to have a signature unique silhouette created by Michael Jordan. That’s his thirteenth project. The retailers can finally get back to the sales of this classic version in a renewed shape. Bred and Playoffs slated to arrive in the later seasons.

The Air Jordan 13 Bred sneakers are going to have fiery red suede elements on the sides and on the top. The Air Jordan 13 Playoffs are going to have a soft and flexible construction made of tumbled black leather combined with red hints reminding of Chicago Bulls thematic. 6 Rings’ midsole is also going to be included in both models. Retro is always a perfect choice, isn’t it?

AJ 13 Bred and AJ 13 Playoffs release date is slated for 2017, however, no more relevant info is available. Don’t forget to check out for updates not to miss the premiere and purchase a pair of these outstanding retro sneakers in a remastered version this year. Share your thoughts with us. Do you think it’s going to be a hit? What do you think about the revivals of classic retro AJ models? Are you excited to get one?

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