Air Jordan 12 Low Red Suede

Apart from the classic models within the scope of the Air Jordan 12 line, we are facing the releases of many colorways of Air Jordan 12 Low in 2017. So since we are so much happy about these days, let’s revise the pivotal moments as for the scheme that sounds as “Red Suede”.

First Overlook

Air Jordan 12 Low Red Suede Release Date
The remastered pair will be compiled of red and black colors with featuring a ‘Raging Bull’ like look. As for the fabric used, there is the premium suede for the upper and the leather accents on the mudguard, to get you feel comfortable in any weather conditions. No white colors appear on the body where a black leather midsole breaks up the red suede touches. The hypnotizing aesthetic is what we obtain after adding a semi-translucent bottom. The Jumpman silhouette is placed on tongues, as the tradition requires it.

With describing finished, we get immensely interested in your thoughts now. Take your inquisitive look at the available images once more again and tell us what you think of the first overlook and these training shoes specifically. Are you excited about the launch? Will the sneakers be comfortable in using and incredible in looking while wearing them? Share all consideration in the comments below!

Time for Release

As the slate promises, this model is coming off on shelves Spring/Summer 2017. No other details, as for instance the Air Jordan 12 Low “Red Suede” has been announced as for now. Stay tuned for more news!

First Look

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