Air Jordan 11 Midnight Navy

AJ fans are true lovers of active way of life. If you’re willing to get impressive experience in various kinds of sports, you should provide yourself with comfortable sportswear and get a high quality sports footwear to get maximum performance. Age and sizing never matter – AJ is able to provide each and single customer with proper sizing and natural materials used in the base of every pair of sneakers. Air Jordan 11 is about to get wider with another new model rumored to be released in 2017. There isn’t much relevant info about the item, but potential buyers already demonstrate their willing to get them first.

We have no photos or any description of the possible release. Most part of the information is rumored and hinted through social networks. Is it going to become another hit of Jordan Brand in the upcoming spring – summer season of 2017?

The product code officially announced by AJ retailers is finally revealed. New sneakers are planned to be released in classic white, university blue and navy colorings. We expect the sneakers to be released in the period of a Holiday season of 2017 – looks like the winter release date has already become a tradition for AJ 11.

The secrecy surrounding the potential release is probably explained by the desire to use some unreleased past samples. That’s probably something totally different and AJ retailers are willing to make this model a hit. The only thing left for us is keep waiting.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Midnight Navy is planned to be released in the Holiday season of 2017. However, the date is not exact and is yet to be scheduled by the retailers. If you’re willing to express your opinion about the rumored release of AJ 11s, leave your comment right here. Are you interested about the way they will look? Wanna get a pair? Tell us about it.

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