Air Jordan 11 Low Barons

Summer is high time for new releases of Air Jordan 11 Low models. The model we’re going to have a brief look at is perfect for devoted baseball players and fans. Jordan Brand is famous for combination of high quality natural materials with patent leather in the base and noble soft nubuck elements. AJ Low models, for instance, are provided with a lowtop back out of patent leather. This will give you comfort, convenience and flawless design either inspired by older models or created in accordance with the latest fashion sportswear trends.

AJ 11 Low Barons were initially released for grade school students, that’s why the size chart was limited from the very beginning. Due to numerous positive reviews and requests, AJ decided to continue producing this baseball inspired sportswear line. In the end of spring – beginning of summer we’ll be able to enjoy Barons finally released in adult size. The upper part of the sneakers is made of premium black leather. The preview pictures also show an attractive gradient effect.

One of the saddest latest events for AJ was the retirement of Michael Jordan, who signed a contract with Chicago White Sox and decided to turn to baseball. This way the league managed to affiliate Birmingham Barons, with black and white pinstripes. The renewed version of Barons will have black skips on the top with a sturdy upper part made from nubuck.

How do you like AJ 11 Low Barons? What do you think about the design and possible performance? The sneakers will be available in all sizes, what makes them perfect for a family sports footwear. The retailers plan the release for April of 2017. Unfortunately, the exact release date isn’t available yet. We’ll keep you informed and notify you when AJ retailers pin down the release date. Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.

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