Air Jordan 1 low pinnacle gold

One of the most attractive perfume commercials made gorgeous Charlize Theron say that gold is cold… You know what? Air Jordan has something to talk back.One of the upcoming AJ releases is ready to shock, surprise and attract tons of admirers with impressive sneakers in gold combined with metallic decorative elements. Gold is a symbol of wealth, style and sophistication. Now fans of Air Jordan can enjoy their everyday trainings while wearing one of the best sports footwear ever! Of course, the item is perfect for those not used to standards of sportswear, but who cares? There’s always someone willing to get a pair of sneakers satisfying both practical and aesthetical desires.  

Looks like metallic elements will definitely feature in this model. The upcoming release looks a lot like one of the retro Air Jordan models from the very first line released. Most part of excited fans hopes the pair will have some similar elements to the classic Pinnacle version of Air Jordan 1. Excited about finishes made up of metal? Well, it looks like it will definitely happen.

What about the overall shape and silhouette? As soon as it’s based on AJ’s 1 Low Pinnacle the silhouette is sure to match the beloved retro and most successful models. Looks like this golden appearance was partially inspired by AJ 6 series. This exterior is combined with muted lining made up of gold leather. This release partially copies design elements of the old ones with the same title. Each pair of sneakers will be sold together with a metallic gold Jumpman hangtag that you can use whenever you wish.

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