Zootopia Release Date

Zootopia release date
Zootopia release date was confirmed by Disney. We are sure that the new animated movie will be a great success.
Disney company decided on the release date of the cartoon Zootopia. When will we watch the new animated movie?
New cartoon from Disney’s producer Byron Howard ("Tangled") due out in release in 2016. This was officially declared the film company.

Zootopia release date was confirmed

The main characters of the cartoon Zootopia are animals that live in a world where people never had. The main character – talkative fox named Nick Wilde was accused of a crime. Since the hero is not guilty, then he escapes. On his trail goes rabbit-cop Judy Hops. Heroes unite when they realize that they are victims of a conspiracy.

Zootopia release date is March 4, 2016.
And will you watch Zootopia animated movie?

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