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Aus dem Nichts is a mystical drama film, which is produced in Germany. That cinema masterpiece will be successful, so you will have a great delight while watching it. The premiere of the will Aus dem Nichts will be in the year of 2017.


That is the film with the small cast of actors. But you must know, that here you will meet a lot of talented people, who will attract you:

  • Diane Kruger.
  • Numan Acar.
  • Ulrich Brandhoff.
  • Siir Eloglu.

The director of the film is Faith Akin. Among the producers, it is important to mention Fatih Akin, Melita Toscan du Plantier, Marie-Jeanne Pascal, Soren Bode. The scriptwriter is Fatih Akin.


This German film has the dramatic plot, which will tell you about the problems and suffering of refugees. People, who must leave this place, have a lot of ancestors and sometimes it is hard for them to visit the another world. Very often they have the problems with the agony of enemy exasperation. They just undergo the cruel and sadistic racism, which occur with they appear.

The emigrants are surrounded by the new land with the new orders, language culture. And it brings a lot of problems, especially for the little intellects and minds.

Here the risk is also connected with the conflicts of interests. And, of course, here the young age of the refugees appears. Their main aim is to have enough knowledge in order to create the new society mesh with undefined culture. Very often, young people have only the ignore and they didn’t want to collaborate with the others. They are afraid of arrests and on their own example they know, how the police baton works.

The harder situation is for the women emigrants. They already have children and them afraid of their husbands and brothers. Culture in culture – this cocktail of honest and dignity is not received by the people, who come from different places and walk for another.


That film will be interesting only for adults because of the unusual plot and people, who are presented here. If you think, that your life is the bad ad there are no causes for happiness, you are wrong. This story will be curious and when watching it you will estimate the life in the other countries and their levels. It will appear on the movie screens very soon.

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