The Party

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The Party is a drama film, which is produced in Great Britain. Here the drama and comedy genres are combined together and it makes the film really special. The premiere of the film The Party will appear in the year of 2017.


When watching this film, you will see, that there are not so many people in the cast. So, we must underline such characters:

  • Cillian Murphy.
  • Emily Mortimer.
  • Kristin Scott Thomas.
  • Timothy Spall.
  • Patricia Clarkson.
  • Cherry Jones.
  • Bruno Ganz.

In the role of director here you will see Sally Potter. Among the producers, we must underline Kurban Kassam, Christopher Sheppard, Alice Dawson, John Giwa-Amu, Robert Halmi Jr., Heidi Levitt, Michael Manzi, Jim Reeve. The scriptwriter is Sally Porter.


That is a political tragicomedy, which is presented in the real time. Here you will see the company of guests, who decided to gather in the private residence, which is located in London. Here the main hero is Janet and people come to her house in order to celebrate her high level in the shadow government.

From the beginning everything was cool – Janet meets her friends and gets a lot of wishes from them. Some of them even come to her house with presents, so she was really excited.

Everything began as the home party and nobody knew, what will be the continuation of the story. But then there appears a big bloody puddle on the floor and here appeared a big draw of revelation. All this tend the main heroes to the failure of the most devoted persuasion.

People, who were on this party, have no idea of what to do. They believe, that this is an accident. But, as you could understand, that wasn’t it. So, in order to make an investigation, the real professionals were involved in this deal and they present the best results.


This film with its unusual plot is made only for adults because some of the scenes aren’t allowed for the children. In order to make that cinema masterpiece more interesting, there a lot of professional actors play.

To beginning with, we must say, that this film will be good for people, who wanted to spend their free time with pleasure. Here everything is made professionally, so you will have a delight while watching it and while interesting in it.

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