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World War Z 2 is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic horror film planned for the release in 2017 due to incredible success of the first part. However, the World War Z didn’t have enough resemblance to the original book written by Max Brooks. World War Z 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet. Paramount Pictures still try to form the crew and invite all the desired cast.


World War Z was created under the direction of Marc Forster. Brad Pitt portrayed the main character of the film acting as an investigator from the United Nations doing his best to stop spreading the zombie virus all over the planet. The big screen release turned out to be extremely popular in the theatres. Short time after Paramount Pictures ordered a sequel. Unfortunately, there’s almost no relevant info available on the fate of the project.
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The script will be written by Steve Knight. He’s the only one who has shed some light on World War Z sequel. He’s sure that the second part of the story will be different from the first one in the matters of atmosphere and plot. Not long ago he gave an interview in IndieWire, speaking about why he decided to deal with the sequel. He wants the second part to be a complete reboot of the first one mostly basing on a survival guide of the creator of the original World War Z idea – Max Brooks, the author of the novel with the same title. Steve Knight said he was willing to start with a clean slate.
World War Z 2

Brad Pitt is certainly expected to get back to the filming to portray the character of Gerry Lane. Of course, all we have to do is to wait for the Paramount Pictures official news in the media.

The original novel included so many points that haven’t been touched upon in the first part of the film. World War Z 2 is planned to mention the key points of the novel while demonstrating a continuation of the previous chapter. The fans of the original novel were extremely disappointed by the film that is totally different from the creation of Max Brooks. They get even more disappointed about Brooks letting the filmmakers do that. The second installment of World War Z will certainly correct the mistakes of the past making the project maximum resembling the novel.
World War Z 2

World War Z 2 Release Date

There’s no exact information about the release date of the project. Paramount Pictures is willing to make a big screen release in the beginning of summer 2017, however, the cast and the crew are still in negotiations and further plans for World War Z will still be moving.

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