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World War Z 2 is a possessive film, that was produced and created in the USA. It consists of several genres. They are action, sci-fi, and horror. The premiere of the film World War Z 2 will be on the 9th of June in the year of 2017.


Here in the cast, we must present the only one talented actor, who will satisfy you by all the available parameters. His name is Brad Pitt and he is the person, who will make this film unforgettable.

In the role of director, you will see David Fincher. The scriptwriters are Max Brooks, Dennis Kelly, Steven Knight. The producers are David Ellison, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Brad Pitt.


In the center of attention, you will see Gerald Lane, who works as an investigator in UNO. This work brings him a big experience and the skills to quit from the most complicated situations. That`s why, when the Earth planet started to be involved with the great virus, Jerald started to be one of the members of the team. And his main aim was to help the humanity to overcome this tragedy.

The first deal, what he did, is the save of his family. He put all the members to the government aircraft carrier in order to put them to the safe place. Then he started to think over and his main aim was to get out of Zombie and to stop the Apocalypse.

In order to destroy the virus, he must understand, where it came from and find the reason of it. She is a lucky man, so he finds the trace and it leads to Israel, where he decided to come as quickly, as he can do it.

That was a real miracle for Jerald and for the other participants of the team, that they have an opportunity to stop the death of the humanity. They just wanted to destroy Zombie and everything will be good. But, as you know, everything can come again.

So, after the elimination of consequences of such an Apocalypse, nobody thinks, that they can be in danger. But that appeared. And now Jerald must use his strength in order to save the world from the intimidation, which occurs not so long ago.


The main hero of the movie is a real hero. He didn’t afraid of anything and nothing disturbs him at all. So, in order to make the world peace, he is ready to give the virus his life.

You will have unforgettable feelings when watching this film. So you must watch it when it will appear in the broadcast.

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