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Tired of searching for up-to-date info on your favorite TV projects and upcoming movies? Can’t wait for the premiere of the next season of your favorite series and reality shows? We’ve already done all the possible monitoring and ready to share some good news with you. Right now let’s have a short general view on the upcoming Wonder Woman sci-fi action adventure film, it’s release date, plot and actors. Check this out:

General Overview

“Wonder Woman” is going to get to big screens of movie theaters in the beginning of next summer. Gal Gadot is finally getting back to the screens of cinema theatres in the role of Diana Prince. the project is directed by Patty Jenkins. It’s an epic adventure the princess of Amazon. She does her best to become the strongest warrior. She grows up on an empty island looking like real paradise.
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But Diana will be able to discover her real powers when an American pilot crashes on her island and describes her a real situation of the outside world. There’s a massive conflict going on and she must use her extraordinary powers to protect the world from the upcoming threat. This way she realizes her real destiny.

The Plot and the Cast

Diana, the protagonist of the story, is the princess of the Amazons. All her life she has spent on a sheltered lonely island with no people from the outside world. Tutored by Greek warriors she’s been training to become a super powerful, unconquerable hero and a brave fighter. When an American pilot (portrayed by Steve Trevor) crashes on her island, she understands that the world is in great danger – the pilot says that world war devoured the planet and Diana makes a wise choice and leaves her mother island to save the world from deathly dangers.
The cast:

  • Gal Gadot will portray Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). Zeus’ daughter and the powerful Amazon princess. She’s half a god with many strengths and half a usual woman with lots of emotions and keen intelligence.
  • Chris Pine’s gonna act as Steve Trevor – US military officer in love with Diana. He’s rough and cynical though he’s quite a charming male character.
  • Lucy Davis portrays Etta Candy – she’s Diana’s best friend.
  • Connie Nielsen plays Queen Hippolyta – Diana’s Mum.
  • Robin Wright plays Diana’s aunt named General Antiope.
  • Lisa Loven Kongsli acts as Menalippe.
  • Mayling Ng plays an Amazon named Orana.
  • For the full cast get to IMDb.

Wonder Woman Cast


  • Wonder Woman is the first part in the planned trilogy.
  • Gal Gadot is not American.
  • The development of the project started in 1996.

Official Release Date

At first Wonder Woman was planned to be released on the 23d of June 2017. Now the official release date is the 2nd of June 2017.



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