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Wonder Woman will allure you with the beautiful plot, so you will enjoy this film from the beginning till the end. Here you will notice such genres, as fantasy, thriller, and adventures. The film Wonder Woman will appear in the broadcast on the 1st of June in the year of 2017.


When we talk about the actors in the cast for such a brilliant film, here it is important to name the following people:

  • Gal Gadot.
  • Robin Wright.
  • Chris Pine.
  • Connie Nielsen.
  • David Thewlis.
  • Elena Anaya.
  • Lucy Davis.

The director is Patty Jenkins. Among the producers, we must name Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Wesley Snyder, Tommy Gormley, Geoff Johns, Stephen Jones, Rebecca Steel Roven, Enzo Sisti, Richard Suckle. The scriptwriters are Allan Heinberg, Geoff Johns, William Moulton Marston, Zack Snyder, Harry G. Peter.


Patty Jenkins become an outstanding director thanks to the film Monster. But now we want to talk about her second cinema masterpiece, which will appear in broadcast this summer.

Wonder Woman is a story, which will present you a woman in the men`s delight. She is not only beautiful – she has a great power of ancient amazons. The main heroine has the name of Marvel and she is very brave amazon woman. Her great power consists of fearlessness and superhuman strength.

With help of her power, Marvel is always ready to fight with different monsters and on this film, she has a very difficult destiny. A lot of complicated and interesting adventures will appear on her way, so she must overcome it all.

The director and producers work on this film a lot, so here you will see a lot of beautiful women. You will also see Miss Israel here, who is also very brilliant and smart. This film and the heroes of it will transfer you to the world of wonderful events and here you will be delighted with the woman beauty.


If you like adventures of a different kind and you want to watch something special, this film is made especially for you. It is not just a film about the brave woman – it is the prove, that women also play a very important role in this world, so everything can depend on their power and wish. If you don’t believe in yourself, this film will help you to follow your dreams and to become a respected person.

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