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Wonder is a drama film, which will amaze a big audience of people. Here you will see the best cast and brilliant unexpected plot. The premiere of the film Wonder will be on the 7th of April in the year of 2017.


Among the actors in the cast it is important to underline the following people:

  • Julia Roberts.
  • Owen Wilson.
  • Mandy Patinkin.
  • Jacob Tremblay.
  • Sonja Braga.
  • Daveed Diggs.
  • Izabela Vidovic.

The director of the film is Stephen Chbosky. The producers are David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Michael Beugg, Dan Clarke, Michael Paseornek, Alexander Young. The scriptwriters are Steve Conrad, Jack Thorne, R. J. Palacio.


The main aim of this film is to present you a sensitive story about a little boy by the name August. He has a great disease, so the only quit from this situation is home education. After the long time passed, the doctor said, that August is all right and he said, that the boy has a great health. So, after home education, his parents made a decision to put him into a school. Despite he is so adult, he has never been here and he didn’t know, how to behave himself in order to get as many friends as he can.

His view scares a lot of pupils in the school, so it was so hard for him to talk with the classmates and show them his big heart. But, despite such difficulties, August decided to show, that he is no less, than the other people, besides, he can be a best friend for each of them.

His first attempts were not so successful, but he didn’t give up – his aim is to become a good student, to have a lot of friends and to show his great soul and the big heart. If you want to know, what will be at the end of the story, you must watch this film.


That film is good for family watching, so you can go to the cinema with all of the members of your family. Each of them will estimate this film at all, despite the director call it drama.

All the events here are based on the truthful story, so while watching it, each person will understand, how important it is to have a faith in himself and to love the people, despite they hate you. In the end of the story, you will see, that the main hero will be respected by the others characters and he is so happy when he reached his great aim.

So, as you can understand, life is not an easy thing and everything here needs a little time.

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Wonder 2017 (Julia Roberts) Movie – HD

Julia Roberts break down on the sets with co-star Owen Wilson

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