Wildlife (2017)

Sometimes well-chosen cast is a guarantee of the success of the film. This does not mean that actors can save even the most hopeless picture, but, as a rule, talented performers of the main roles are the key to success for a particular movie. Perhaps that is why an upcoming drama Wildlife, which, by the way, has a rather interesting story, will have a large number of positive reviews. Indeed, a team of true experts in their field are working in this film, and the plot based on a popular novel with the same name will be to the liking of both fans of serious drama and ordinary lovers of good cinema.

Creators and Developers

The idea of the film, interesting and catching, is developed by Paul Dano, who is an American actor, producer and even musician. His main assistant in the process of writing the script is Zoe Kazan, a playwright and actress. The plot is borrowed from Richard Ford’s novel having the same name.
Wildlife (2017) Movie Cast
The producers whose task is developing the movie and working with the audience and mass media are such as:

  • Ted Deiker;
  • Riva Marker;
  • Ann Ruark;
  • Eddie Vaisman;
  • Alex Saks;
  • Dani Johnson;
  • Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the main character in the film and others.

Two companies producing Wildlife and responsible for the cinema’s soon release date are Nine Stories Productions and June Pictures.

Plot Peculiarities

A pretty sad and painful story will be presented to the audience, when the project is released. The action is set in 1960 and describes with the boy’s eyes. His parents are going through bad times and get divorced. After this the mother and her son moves to Montana. Here a woman finds a new man, whom she falls in love with. All this takes place in front of the child, who tells about his emotions, feelings and fears. This story will exactly be liked by the public, because here one can find both drama and love.
Among the actors taking part in Wildlife are worth noting the following ones:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal;
  • Bill Camp;
  • Carry Mulligan;
  • Cate Jones;
  • Zoe Margaret Colletti;
  • Ed Oxenbould and others.

Possible Air Date and Prospects

There is still no any exact data about when the movie will definitely air. Supposedly, Wildlife is to be released by the end of the current year, but the producers haven’t present official announcement concerning the date. Stay tuned to be the first to receive necessary information about the terms of the premiere and be aware of all the changes if they happen.



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