Wild Card Release Date

Wild Card release date

Wild Card release date has been announced. Check the details below.

There are stories that, for all their straightness, can be repeated more than once on the screen, without annoying the audience. It happened with Wild Card, which is actually a remake of Heat was released in theaters back in the mid-1980s. And as the title role in a new movie by Jason Statham plays, it is no wonder that his fans want to see the picture as soon as possible. What to expect from Wild Card premiere?

The Plot

The plot is simple and, in fact, the whole story would fit in 30 minutes of screen time. But above the baseline as it should have worked for Jason Statham could better reveal his character – Nick Wilde. After all, Nick at first glance seems to be a simple guy. He works as a security guard in Las Vegas, but the life in this city it does not appeal. Nick is dreaming of how to accumulate more money and go away forever from Nevada to sunny Italy. However, it is not clear when he will be able to put their plans into action. After Wilde gets involved in a very nasty story, determined to help his girlfriend Holly. It seems to be a common story – a prostitute, who beats the bad guys. That’s just one of them – the son of a powerful local gangster. So Nick’s trip to Corsica is delayed.

Wild Card release date has been announced

Interesting Facts

It is interesting that in the first movie, the plot of which was very close to the new project, the main role was played by Burt Reynolds – an actor, not less charismatic than Jason Statham. Although the recent comedy "The Spy" has proven that Statham can be very a versatile actor in this movie he again got the role taciturn hero, defending justice and fighting for the just cause.
The movie could become the Brian De Palma’s project, but for unknown reasons, he left the project and was replaced by Simone West, with whom Jason was working on the painting The Expendables 2 and The Mechanic. It would seem that the West takes simple old school fighters. But Wild Card proves that he was a force and an independent dramatic movie: muted tones, suddenly deep characters – all this clearly features of the art-house genre. However, the movie is still turned a dynamic one and Statham continues to play a tough guy who can deal with any enemies so that fans of the genre will enjoy it greatly.

Wild Card release date has been scheduled for September 25, 2015.
There is some news that Wild Card release date on Bluray and DVD will happen at the end of 2016.
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