We Are Your Friends Release Date

We Are Your Friends release date

We Are Your Friends release date was announced. Get the details about the new Zac Efron movie.

Zac Efron, John Weston, Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley and other popular Hollywood actors will take part in a new music drama titled as We Are Your Friends. You will be

The Plot:

The story takes place in Hollywood. A twenty-something DJ named Cole spends his days and nights of his life in constant work on one track, which will have to blow up the world. All this changes when he meets a more experienced, though not quite a healthy DJ James, who takes the guy under his wing. Soon, Cole falls in love with Sophie, a girl of James, and he has to choose between love, friendship, and their future.

We Are Your Friends release date was announced

We Are Your Friends premiere promises to be quite interesting. Do not miss the upcoming release in cinemas.

We Are Your Friends release date is scheduled for August 27, 2015. The worldwide premiere will happen in early September.
As for We Are Your Friends release date on DVD and Bluray, there is any detailed information.
While waiting for the movie, watch We Are Your Friends movie trailer 1:

Do you like music dramas and Zac Efron in particular? Will you watch this movie?

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