Warcraft Movie Release Date

Warcraft Movie release date

Warcraft Movie release date has been scheduled. The details about Warcraft movie premiere are given below.

For fans of the computer game, there is super news, the fact that the creators of the popular video game have announced the production of a movie based on the same universe Warcraft, that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment.
As it turned out, in a feature adaptation of it will be shown a fight between two opposing tribes – Humans and Orcs, which over time will grow into a real terrible war. And all of these moments will certainly occur during the game timeline – Warcraft: Orcs & Humans –that is the first part in the franchise. These events will be depicted in Warcraft Movie premiere.

Warcraft Movie release date has been scheduled

The Plot:

Also this part of the game has a very early point and according to the developers the most appropriate story about the history of Azeroth, it is necessary to ensure that the picture could cause interest not only among fans of the game but also in people who are not familiar with this fantastic invented universe.
As it became clear the basis for the movie "Warcraft" will be an invasion of angry orcs in Azeroth city and capture Statgrad that everything went after it like Medivh Sargeras seized power for a couple of sinister Guldan who opened the Dark Portal. It is also interesting that the story will be showed from the perspectives of both sides, and the largest part of all the action will take place in the Eastern dominions of the kingdom.
Warcraft movie release date is scheduled for June 10, 2016.
DVD release date of Warcraft movie premiere is planned for autumn of 2016.
Warcraft movie release date on Bluray discs is planned for fall of 2016 as well.
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