Villa Capri

Beloved by many viewers, well-known Hollywood actors will reappear on the screen to submit a new action film, having, however, many comedy situations and much humor. We are talking about the project Villa Capri, a picture with a bright cast, where the main roles are played by great actors of our time. Two state employees will be presented in an upcoming movie; they are retired but are forced to return to active work regarding emergency circumstances. Villa Capri is sure to air this year, as the authors have confirmed this have presented the air date of the premiere – August 25, 2017. Firstly the film will be shown in the US, and a little later the whole world will be able to estimate the work of the filmmakers.

Creators Crew

The person whose name is known to the world is Rob Shelton, the man who was nominated for Oscar award thanks to his prominent work. This is him who has created the story of Villa Capri and invented the whole script by himself. But Shelton wouldn’t be able to develop his film on his own, and the crew of professional producers helps him in it, making the movie popular and doing everything possible for the cinema to air in time. These people are:
Villa Capri date release

  • John Mass;
  • Alan Simpson;
  • Steve Richards;
  • Kellie Davis;
  • Bill Gerber;
  • Jeffrey Lampert.

There a re two companies who are busy with producing Villa Capri. They are Broad Green Pictures and Entertainment One. The first one is also the main distributor of the film and is the company which was the first to announce the date of the release.
Villa Capri

Plot Review and Cast

Two men are retired. One of them used to work as an officer of the FBI, and the second – in the legal field as a respected lawyer. Spending their rest by playing golf and doing other interesting but ordinary activities, the men suddenly recognize the danger that threatens all. The threat comes from the mafia gang, so the former professionals need to remember all their skills in order to stand up to fight against evil and protect everyone, including themselves. Despite such a serious story, thefilm will surely have a lot of bright jokes and high quality humor, so the audience will be pleased to see a funny and at the same time fascinating picture.

Among the star actors who are involved in acting in Villa Capri are the following ones:

  • Morgan Freeman;
  • Tommy Lee Jones;
  • Alma Sisneros;
  • Rene Russo;
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph;
  • Gleene Headly;
  • Joe Pantoliano and others.

Villa Capri

Known Release Date and Prospects

The premiere awaited by a number of viewers is set for August 25, 2017. There are no reasons for the release date to be postponed, and the creators haven’t mentioned about it. Everything the audience knows is that an upcoming movie will be of great interest to them, so stay tuned to share everybody’s opinion and make sure that the authors’ Villa Capri is certainly worth watching.

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