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Villa Capri is an entertaining film, which was produced and created in the United States of America. It consists of two genres. They are action and comedy. The film Villa Capri will appear on the movie screens on the 25th of August in the year of 2017, so this summer you will watch it and enjoy every moment.


This film has a huge cast of actors. Some of the characters are main, but the others are recurrent. We will present you only the general people of such a masterpiece:

  • Morgan Freeman.
  • Tommy Lee Jones.
  • Rene Russo.
  • Joe Pantoliano.
  • Glenne Headly.
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph.
  • Alma Sisneros.

The director and the scriptwriter are Ron Shelton. When we talk about the producers, here we must underline Kellie Davis, Bill Gerber, Jeffrey Lampert, John Mass, Steve Richards, Alan Simpson.


That is an action comedy, which will present you the two pensionaries. One of them is an FBI agent and the other is an attorney with the bad reputation. Now they have no other idea as to forget all the negotiations and misunderstandings and start to play golf professionally.

They do this in order to stand against the real members of Mafia. They realize, that if they will collect their power, they will rebut the killers, which were sent for their murder.

It is so interesting to see, how they try to train and develop their skills. When they know, that their lives are in danger, they understand, that it is never too late to study, so they just try to present the best results in order to shut the mouths of killers.

The people of Mafia didn’t expect such a result – they believe, that the killing of two pensionaries will be an easy task for them. And all the people in the team were sure, that they will become the winners in this game. But the old men didn’t give up and they were shocked when they started to play better, that the killer.


This film will be fancy. Especially, people of the old age will have a great delight while watching it. That movie will show you, that people mustn’t give up even in the most complicated life situations – everything can change in one moment.

The alluring plot and amazing actors make this film successful. So, if you have enough free time for film watching, this cinema masterpiece will interact you and bring positive thoughts.

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