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Victoria and Abdul is a film of drama genre, that was produced in the United Kingdom. The mind-numbing plot will make this film really special. The premiere of the film Victoria and Abdul will be on the 8th of September in the year of 2017.


When there is a need to underline the main actors, here we must notice the following people in the cast:

  • Olivia Williams.
  • Michael Gambon.
  • Judi Dench.
  • Eddie Izzard.
  • Simon Callow.
  • Adeel Akhtar.
  • Tim Pigott-Smith.

The director of the film is Stephen Frears. The scriptwriters are Shrabani Basu and Lee Hall. In the roles of producers, you will see Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Beeban Kidron, Louis Phillips, Tracey Seaward.


The plot of the drama film Victoria and Abdul will tell you the story of the amazing relationship between the Empress of Great Britain by the name Victoria and the Indian Secretary by the name Abdul. Young Abdul was born in a poor family and he lives in the small village of Jhansi, which is located far from the large cities. A young man receives an excellent education and then he was sent to the British official.

Abdul is very diligent and studious, so he receives the patronage in order to serve the court of incomparable Victoria. He arrives at the place on the day of her birth. And his dress was bright red, as the Indian people used to wear. So, that’s why Abdul momentary attracts the attention of beautiful women.

When he became a master of the English language, the young man started to be personal Secretary of the Empress. Also, he becomes a teacher, who will reveal to Victoria all the mysteries of ancient Indian ceremonies and Hindi language. The attractive woman gave Abdul a piece of land in India and built a mansion in England especially for him and his family.

But this man has a nasty temper and conceit, so he thought himself above the other servants. He also has special privileges, but then the Queen had received many complaints about the man. Victoria turned a blind eye to numerous disturbances – she attributes them to racial discrimination. And then the severe illness occurred and Queen Victoria died. So, Abdul was sent back to his home.


If your aim is to watch something special and to have a good time spending, this film will be delightful for you. You can watch it together with your friends or relatives.

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