Victor Frankenstein Movie Release Date

Victor Frankenstein movie release date

Victor Frankenstein movie release date was finally named after few cancelations.

James McAvoy in the role of Victor Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe as Igor represent a unique new adaptation of the classic novel by Mary Shelley. Seeing history through the eyes of Igor, we learn about the dark secrets of the young assistant of Frankenstein and their redemptive friendship, and will witness the transformation of the creation of man and the doctor in the legend of how the monster we know today.

The Plot:

A new look at the fantastic story of Victor Frankenstein, this time – in terms of his assistant Igor.
Under the unpretentious shell, Hunchback of nomadic circus lies a truly brilliant mind. Especially interested in medicine hunchback, he is like a sponge absorbs all the knowledge from textbooks, he brings his only friend – a gymnast named Lorelei. One case reduces the hunchback with a young and eccentric student of the Medical Academy, Victor Frankenstein, who comes to the circus, hoping to buy the bodies of the dead animals. Frankenstein’s hit medical knowledge hunchback and how cleverly he can put a difficult diagnosis and do the surgery with the help of available funds. Without thinking, the hunchback Frankenstein helps to escape from the circus, then hides it in his apartment.

Victor Frankenstein movie release date was finally named

Viktor finds the cure of the disease and warns that if someone is suddenly interested in his personality, let the hunchback seemed missing neighbor of Frankenstein, whose name was Igor.

Victor Frankenstein movie release date is expected on November 25, 2015. Follow our updates to find out.
Victor Frankenstein movie release date on DVD and Bluray is expected at the end of 2015.
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