The Vampire Diaries 7 Season Release Date

The Vampire Diaries 7 season release date was confirmed. What to expect from the new season of the popular TV vampire story?
The Vampire Diaries airs for the past five years, since 2009! This TV project was made on a series of similar books. In the center of events in the life of a small town of Mystic Falls, this has a very mysterious past associated with vampires.
The main event revolves around a girl named Elena and her two vampire brothers. Each new season adds a new plot stories and heroes. In the autumn of 2014, screens out the sixth season of the show, that consists of 22 episodes.
About future seasons:
As for the release date of the seventh season, it is hard to say when there will be a new series. The creators did not give any official comments. However, the experts and the audience believe that the huge success and popularity of the TV project will provide him an extension for the 7th season.

The Vampire Diaries 7 season release date was confirmed

Availability of future seasons confirms the fact that two of the three main actors have given their consent to continue filming. Besides that the great audience ratings of watching The Vampire Diaries is a powerful argument for the extension.
The executive producer of the show Julie Plec said that the show would continue until the actor would agree to appear on the show. Besides, he added that the TV channel has plans for new seasons.

The Vampire Diaries 7 season release date is October 2015 (approximately).
Do you want to watch another season of the show? Who is your favorite character?

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