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Tubelight is a very strong film with the special plot, which was created only for adult understanding. The genre of it is military, so people, who like the films like that. The premiere of the film Tubelight will be on the 25th of June in the year of 2017.


It is important to mention the people, who will appear in the film very often. Because, when you will watch it, the main cast will impress you by such people:

  • Shah Rukh Khan.
  • Salman Khan.
  • Zhu Zhu.
  • Om Puri.
  • Sohail Khan.
  • Shatrughan Khan.
  • Yashpal Sharma.

The director of the film is Kabir Khan. The producers are Kabir Khan, Salman Khan, Garima Mehta. The scriptwriters are Kabir Khan and Parveez Sheikh.


That film is an upcoming historical and war drama, which will tell you about the events of the year of 1962. Here you will see the time of Sino-Indian War and a lot of people were killed as the result of it.

In the center of attention, you will see Salman Khan, who play the lead role in this film. He is the Indian man, who falls in love with the girl from China. But their relationship can`t exist, besides there are no conditions for it.

It is so exciting to see, how people try to find the opportunity to meet, despite all the problems, which appear to them. They believe, that everything will be all right with the time and they will have an opportunity to go for walks and just enjoy themselves without any problems.

But the situation is rather complicated, that they can imagine, so the only thing, which they can do, is to wait for the better times. How long can the people wait and is it real for two hot and young people? This film will show you the truth and you will be satisfied with this.


The film will amaze you because here the example of the purest relationship will be presented. Also, you must pay attention to the professional actors of this film – they play their roles on the highest level, so you will have a great delight while watching it.

To talk about the age of the viewers, here we must say, that only adults will understand the plot and enjoy it. So, if you want to watch the family film, this one would be very hard to understand. But if your aim is just to spend the free time in a pleasant company, you may use such an opportunity.

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TUBE Light Trailer 2017 – Salman khan, Zhu Zhu | Directed By Kabir Khan – Shooting Begin

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