Tremors 5 – The Screening Release Date

Tremors 5 – The Screening Date


A horror movie Tremors 5 is one of the much-awaited sequels of the genre. There have been rumors about it since the last chapter (Tremors 4) was out in 2004. Just like the film’s monsters graboids, the question of the next installment is haunting the loyal fans for the last 10 years.

Get ready for the answers…


The filming started in September last year in South Africa. Universal 1440 Entertainment is the filming company, and Don Michael Paul is the director. He was earlier known for his work on Sniper: Legacy and Jarhead 2, both released in 2014. Glen Ross, the Executive VP of the Universal 1440 Entertainment company promised that the new upcoming movie will be even more intense than the previous parts of Tremors. We’ll remind you that the franchise is known for its suspense-filled atmosphere.


And it’s a “yes”! The fifth part of the horror franchise Tremors will be filmed and released on big screens by the familiar personas who were responsible for making at least some of the previous chapters. For example, the famous monster hunter and a weapon pro Michael Gross will be played again by Burt Gummer. Also, the screenplay has been written by John Wellplay, the author of Tremors 3.


After the release in theaters, Tremors 5 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD, but those dates are not known yet.

How about your expectations from Tremors 5? Do you think it’s going to be big?

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