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The show is shot with a participation of Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust as hosts. They share everything they know about cars. They talk about everything you need to know plus some really useful additional facts. In every episode of the show, the hosts get through lots of challenges and crash tests to choose a car that can fit all the challenges. The show is full of visual effects, unexpected crash tests and discussions with celebrities. The 23d season of the project is already on the way. New episodes are planned for the 8th of May 2016.


Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Rutledge Wood are the hosts and the main heroes of the show. Unfortunately, there’s not much information about the future hosts in the project, the directors promise it to be totally different from what we have seen before, so we are waiting for some serious changes.

The episodes were often shot with the participation of famous actors and musicians. Kid Rock, Michelle Rodrigues, Tim Allen, Adam Levine, Robert Ian Evans and many others took part in filming the show.

Chris Evans is promised to be a new host in the series. There’ll be many other changes in the show that we can only guess!


Top Gear is a British show filmed in series and airing on BBC. It’s one of the most popular TV programs in the world. The statistics show that each episode of the show was watched in 170 countries by more than 350 million people. The premiere appeared in 2002. The show itself was based on a popular motoring magazine TV show that appeared in 1977. The new version of the show is a lot more fun with humorous and kinda controversial style. The first season of a renewed TV show was released in 2002.

The 23rd season is on the way. It will consist of 16 episodes. The directors promise a different feel and mood to the show. Some of the Top Gear episodes were shot in the USA.


The show received a lot of criticism for the politically incorrect comments.

For some unknown reason, the second part of the 22nd season that started right after Christmas 2014 was canceled and the show was delayed. The rest of the episodes started broadcasting from the 25th of January.

The show has it’s personal track for testing situated in an abandoned airport on a long and wide airstrip.

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"Modern Peugeot Driver" Adventures – Top Gear – Series 22 – BBC

Climbing A Dam In A Land Rover – Top Gear – Series 22 – BBC

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