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Tomb Raider is a very famous film, the first parts of which are available for people from different countries and cities. It consists of the most valuable genres – here you will see thriller and fantasy elements and of course the adventures will take place here. The premiere of the film will be on 15th of March in the year of 2018.


The cast of Actors will consist of the most experienced and talented people. So, here you will see:

  • Alicia Vikander.
  • Walton Goggins.

The director is Roar Uthaug. The producers are Gary Barber, Graham King, Drew Crevello, Tim Headington, Cassidy Lange, Patrick McCormick, Denis O`Sullivan. The scriptwriter is Geneva Robertson-Dworet and the composer is Nathan McCree.


Here in the center of attention, you will see a really beautiful Lara Croft, who are not ready for the rest and do nothing. In the new film, this beautiful woman was involved in archeological finding and she makes a lot of searching in order not to be worried about anything.

By making such deals not to be boring, she came to all her relatives and friends. Without any problem and worry, she changes the surface gloss of a good manner and the beautiful life on endless adventures and trips.

You must pay attention, that adventures never share the beauty. She has a great delight, when she understood, that she must change her side and come to a new place in order to know something new and unusual about it.

She has the love and great interest to the historical artifacts and to the searching for an unusual place. So, sometimes she makes very unexpectable things and not each person and understand her.

Lara Croft dismissed the attention of her potential boyfriends because she can`t imagine her life full of domestic problems. She is the attractive and brave girl, who likes the adventures, great mysteries, which must be observed. And after all the investigations will be solved, Lara without any vacation come to another. There are no people, who can stop her at last. Her aim is to reach the best results in all her tasks and it helps her to live the life fully and to have the best emotions ever.


If you also like adventures, like Lara Croft does, this film will attract you and all your expectations will be proved.

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