The Wrong Turn 7 Release Date

The Wrong Turn 7 release date

The Wrong Turn 7 release date has been confirmed. The details about The Wrong Turn 7 premiere are disclosed below.

Even the authors of the frankly inexpensive movie franchise titled as The Wrong Turn are not thought that the series will have more than 1 movie.  But the audience likes to watch every new installment of this horror movie franchise. Right now there are 6 full-length movies in The Wrong Turn franchise.

The Details:

Valeri Milev was the director of the 6th installment of The Wrong Turn: Last Resort that almost completely deprived of the most loyal fans of the movie series. According to many critic reviews, the movie came out to be of a not very good quality. However, Milev will also be the director of The Wrong Turn 7 premiere.
Bobby Campo, Danko Jordanov and Jean-Luc Bilodeau will also be participating in the cast of The Wrong Turn movie. The plot will occur in the wild forests of West Virginia, USA.

The Wrong Turn 7 release date

The Wrong Turn 7 release date is scheduled for October 7, 2015.
DVD release date of The Wrong Turn 7 is planned for winter 2015.
The Wrong Turn 7 release date on Bluray discs is expected in winter of 2015.
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