The Strangers 2 (2016)

Horrors… A perfect choice for a gray Friday evening. Grab a warm blanket, a bottle of beer or a big mug of your favorite tea with biscuits and turn off the lights. Enjoy the atmosphere and do your best to resolve the puzzle of enigmatic events. Today’s article is about The Strangers 2 – the possible sequel. The first part wasn’t that popular among the critics. What about the second one and when will we finally see the sequel?

In Brief

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The producers of Rogue Pictures made an official confirmation to Variety about the upcoming sequel.  It’s being created at the moment under the title The Strangers: Part II. The script for the horror is created by Bryan Bertino. The director of the second part is Laurent Briet. Shock Till You Drop recently made a report about Realitivity Media’s fail to continue working on The Strangers: Part II. They had to put movie on hold cause somehow they understood that it’s not in their interest. Hpwever, for some reason, Universal Pictures desires to release it.
In the beginning of 2011, Rogue Pictures confirmed that the second part of the project is in production. The filming should have started in April 2011. However, this film was too unlucky to get the deserved continuation. If you need to know more about the possible release date of The Strangers 2, scroll down to the end of the article to know more.


The center of the plot is a family consisting of four members. They lose their home because of the hard financial situation. Then they are visited by the three strangers from the first part of the film.
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Relativity Studios Went Bankrupt?

This new project is actually a serious trouble for Relativity Studios. It’s the first film they’re going to release after their bankruptcy. For a long period of time the studio, they’ve been trying to revive The Crow. They’ve spent years for it but haven’t got any positive result, however they say that The Crow is their highest priority. Now they do what they can to get The Strangers 2 into production as short as possible. The main trouble for the creators of the film is the cast. The filming was postponed for many times and a number of actors fell out from the cast because of that. The curious fact is that the film has no leading start at the moment. Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, and Jack Huston invited to participate in the filming were forced to leave the project because of constant delays in production.

Release Info for The Strangers 2

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The info about possible big screen and cinema releases is pretty vague. We know that Liv Tyler is getting back to portray Kristen McKay (unfortunately, she’s going to have a minor role). The three masked villains are also planned to be returned to the sequel.
At first, the release of The Strangers 2 was planned for 2014. however, it never happened.
In the beginning of 2015, the plans for the sequel were brought back to life.
The release date is scheduled for the 2nd of December 2016, however the project was delayed for an unknown period of time.


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