The Star (2017)

The animation is a good thing not only for children but also for adults, as we always need a kind story at hand, is not it? With such an idea for following, let us present the revising of one of the most expected animations of 2017. The Star release date has been already defined. So we should just wait for the appointed day.
The Star (2017) Release Date
Timothy Reckart serves as a director on board. Carlos Kotkin and Simon Moore appear as writers of the story. Announced officially much recently, the voice cast is compiled of such names as:

  • Gina Rodriguez,
  • Kelly Clarkson,
  • Anthony Anderson,
  • Oprah Winfrey,
  • Keegan-Michael Key,
  • Tyler Perry,
  • Steven Yeun,
  • Gabriel Iglesias,
  • Zachary Levi,
  • Tracy Morgan,
  • Kristin Chenoweth and others.

Affirm Films, Cinesite Studios, Franklin Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company, Sony Pictures Animation, and Columbia Pictures are the contributing companies. Brian Henson, DeVon Franklin, and Lisa Henson are the lead producers.
Curiously, The Lamb was the earlier title of the animated project. The Christian cartoon rests upon an original book by Tom Sheridan.

Plot Summary

Every year a new kind-hearted computer-animated flick comes out to please us with the compelling plot, a marvelous adventure of the central personages. Ideas highlighted and conveyed are almost the same but surely with some shifts. As a general aspect, we should appreciate people who surround us, take care of our family and friends. This time, the situation is not going to change, as the main characters are animals again. Nevertheless, the adventure promises to be mind-blowing.
One day, a courageous donkey named Bo gets free from his grind and sets off on a journey to fulfill his most cherished dreams. Surely, he can’t travel on his own. This leads to him getting acquainted with Ruth, a pretty sheep who has lost her flock; Dave, an ambitious dove; three sharp-tongued camels, and some queer stable animals. Together they follow the Star, finding themselves heroes in the most inspiring story – the first Christmas.

Release in Autumn 2017

The premiere date of the movie is a defined matter, fortunately. On November 10, 2017, we are going to follow this exciting adventure of new friends.  Stay tuned for more info, as news regarding this project can come off anytime. However, let’s hold out hope that the debut will not be pushed again to a more far date.


Trailer Coming Soon

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