The Space Between Us

Being born on the red planet, Gardner Elliot has seen only 14 people in his 16-year life. Nevertheless, it has not influenced him becoming immature. He is a highly intelligent boy but the thing is that his organs cannot work in the atmosphere of our planet. The release date is defined now as December 21, 2016.

Short outline

The Space Between Us PosterBy the studio entitled STX Entertainment, the movie that is referred to as “The Space Between Us” is another space adventure drama that is going to hit theaters all over the world in this upcoming winter.
The directorial duties come to be here performed by Peter Chelsom, while the screenwriting issues are resolved by Allan Loeb.
The movie stars, in particular, Gary Oldman, BD Wong, Carla Gugino, Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, and Janet Montgomery.
The target audience includes people with the age exceeding 13 years. So teenagers are allowed while small children should be kept away from this movie due to brief sensuality and language.

Describing the story itself

As we have noted, the adventure is made in a space interplanetary. The story has a prehistory shown in the film that lies in the human race starting colonizing Mars. So the first mission was sent to Mars.
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After taking off, it is found out that one of the is expecting a baby. After landing on the surface of Mars, a woman goes into labor. Due to the complication of hard confinement, she passes away giving birth to a child who is reckoned to be from that point the only one human born outside of Earth atmosphere.
The name of the father is unknown. But these are little nothings of life in comparison with the situation which unfolds then. The case is that this child and his organs cannot world within our planet atmosphere.
Though being acquainted only with 14 people in his life by whom he has been brought up nor for 16 years long, he is an intelligent teenager with an inquisitive mind.
Being fully aware of his inability to visit his home planet, he embarks on finding his biological father. He starts communicating with a girl named Tulsa who is living in Colorado.
Once he is given a chance to visit a planet but the situation unfolds in such a way that scientists discover that Gardner’s organs can’t withstand Earth’s atmosphere.
The Space Between Us Cast
Being anxious to find his father, he turns to escape from scientist and embarks on the race together with Tulsa. The goal of this race is to unravel all mysteries connected with his birth, as well as to find his own in this universe.

When can we wait for the launch of this space adventure?

It is now known that The Space Between Us release date is reckoned to be December 21, 2016, that would be a kind of gift for Christmas holidays in this year for the followers of such types of stories. There are several months before the premiere. So many other aspects of the film may become exposed. Stay tuned together with us if you are interested in getting information at first hand about this very project timely.


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