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The Solutrean is an adorable film, that was created in the United States of America. It is perfect because here the three genres are shown. They are action, thriller, and drama. The premiere of the film The Solutrean will appear on the 15th of September in the year of 2017, so this autumn you will have a great delight while watching it.


The film will be one of the most exciting because here a lot of professional actors will appear in the cast. They are:

  • Kodi Smit-McPhee.
  • Leonor Varela.
  • Natassia Malthe.
  • Priya Rajaratnam.
  • Jens Hulten.
  • Johannes Haukur Johannesson.
  • Mercedes de la Zerda.

The director of the film is Albert Hughes. The scriptwriters are Albert Hughes and Dan Wiedenhaupt. It is produced by Mark Bakshi, Stuart M. Besser, Robin Le Chanu, Kim Location, Andrew Rona, Jon Silk.


The events of the film take place approximately 20,000 years ago during the late Paleolithic era. In the center of attention, you will see a group of primitive people, who were sent on the hunt, which starts to be wrong and eventually ends without any success for all the people. And for one of the young guy and become tragic – he was lost from the group and has no idea how to get back to them. Lost and left all alone, he hasn’t any ability to get someone`s help, so the boy must find the way to his home by using his skills and opportunities.

Solutré is the name of culture, that existed on the Western Europe territory about 21-17 thousand years ago. So, the director decided to name the movie like this. The director of the film is Albert Hughes, who is one of the brother`s twins, known as the Hughes Brothers. Earlier he presented the world a beautiful movie Book of Eli. The recent work in Solutré is filmed in the style of a historical drama and it will tell about the complexities of life, which the cavemen have.


If you are a person, who like to watch action dramas, will be appreciated with this film. The movie will be exciting because here a lot of unexpected events will be shown. It is so hard to predict, what will happen next and you will understand it while watching this movie.

Pay attention, that children aren’t allowed to watch it because the plot here is rather special and it was created for the adult audience only.

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