The Shack (2017)

It turns out that Christianity based media projects are always the ones that stably win the viewers and listeners’ attention no matter what it is – music, films, plays or musicals. The Shack is another faith-based creation. It’s an American Christian drama movie. The director of this project is Stuart Hazeldine. The script is created by John Fusco. The crew of The Shack movie got inspiration from the novel with the same title. The author of The Shack is William P. Young – he wrote it in 2007. The cast includes Sam Worthington, Graham Greene and Octavia Spencer. That’s a truly spiritual and inspirational thing for those who doubt their faith due to horrific life’s complications.
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Principal photography and filming started on the 8th of June 2015. Set in Vancouver, Canada.


  • In the novel, God (Papa) likes the name Elousia because it consists of two words, one of which means Creator God (“El”) and the other one means “that which is a real being” (“Ousia”).
  • The Shack is based on the novel with the same title published by New York Times. It became a bestseller at once. It’s about a father’s spiritual journey and his mental modification.
  • Stuart Hazeldine is the director of The Shack, but the first one that was assigned to direct the project was Forest Whitaker. However, he dropped out due to personal reasons.
  • The filming started on the 8th of June 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The protagonist meets God at The Shack. However, he also meets another spiritual creature called The Trinity. The Trinity is the embodiment of Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Father’s reference is Papa (God); Son’s reference is Jesus; Holy Spirit’s reference is Sarayu. In one of the episodes of the film, the main character asks “who is God” and they say together “I Am”.

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In Brief

Mack Phillips, the main character of The Shack, passes through a horrible tragic situation with his family. This episode of his life causes a deep depression. The first thing he starts doing is doubting his beliefs.  That’s a serious crisis in his spiritual life – he is on the edge of losing his faith once and forever. One day he gets a letter in which he’s asked to visit a mysterious abandoned shack in deep wild forests somewhere in Oregon. For some reason he decides to do that. There he meets a strange trio with a woman calling herself Papa. They make Mack realize vital truths of life. These truths change his understanding of life once and for all.
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Release Date Official Info for The Shack

The premiere of The Shack is planned for the release in the USA on the 3rd of March 2017.


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