The Party (2017)

Sally Porter took on creating another project which of the short and general title “The Party.” Nothing special can be extruded from this and, herewith, let’s start making some main aspects as for this new upcoming flick clear, as the post-production status means that The Party release date is somewhere near us.
The Party is an expected British comedy and drama motion picture with Sally Porter on board as a director and an author of the screenplay. The main scenes have been already shot in London. The producing team is the duo of Christopher Sheppard and Kurban Kassam.
It was chosen to take part in the race for the Golden Bear at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. The companies behind the immediate development are Great Point Media and Adventure Pictures.
The Party (2017) Release Date
The project such big names in the cast:

  • Cillian Murphy,
  • Patricia Clarkson,
  • Emily Mortimer,
  • Timothy Spall,
  • Kristin Scott Thomas,
  • Cherry Jones,
  • Bruno Ganz and some others.

A Comedy That Ends in Tragedy

The description of the coming story is more than just capturing. What should we expect when it is stated that it is going to be a comedy with drama proportions? Supposedly, this should be a kind of a usual blend of genres but not everything is so easy to define, as obscurity is a thing that developers follow when making the description of the future movie.
The story will take place in one of London houses, at modern times. The beginning is rather joyful, as there is expected to a celebration of one event that is going to end with blood on the floor.

Can we Expect the Release in 2017?

After reading the synopsis, many questions start emerging in our minds to which the certain answers may be found only when following the drama on the appointed release date. What is it, by the way? Has it been already revealed?
Unfortunately, nothing can be said of the launch, as the releasing studio is an undefined matter, as for now. Everything can become clearer after 67th Berlin International Film Festival which is starting on February 9. 2017.
If you feel the anticipation in your heart concerning this debut, as we do, stay tuned for more details regarding the plot and cast together with us!


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