The Outskirts

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General Overview

The Outskirts Movie PosterThe Outskirts is an American 20th Century Fox comedy movie for teenagers created by Peter Hutchings, Dominique Ferrari, Suzanne Wrubel and produced by Brice Dal Farra and Claude Dal Farra. The plot of the movie concentrates on two best friends Jodi and Mindy planning a social revolution and uniting with school outcasts in order to revenge Whitney – local alpha female.

Plot and Characters

Jody (played by Victoria Justice) becomes a victim of a terrible humiliation after a prank of the most popular girl at school. She and her best friend Mindy (played by Eden Sher) start planning their revenge. They do their best to unite all of their school’s outcasts to organize a cruel prank of all times to smash that selfish alpha female. Sounds like a nice twist of a plot, but the story gets and unexpected twist.
A taste of power made two best friends ruin their friendship. Jodi’s relationships with Dave (played by Avan Jogia) also went into the phase of threatening sabotage. Is there any way out of this complex situation?
The Outskirts Movie Promo
The Outskirts is a twisted journey to the world of personal worries and life’s complications. It’s about getting your personal place in the society and among high school friends. It’s a touching and sometimes teenage experience shown through nice humor, empathy and wit.
The main cast: Victoria Justice , Eden Sher, Ashley Rickards, Claudia Lee, Katie Chang, Peyton List, Avan Jogia, William Peltz, Jazmyn Richardson, Frank Whaley, Ted McGinley and Nick Bailey.

Facts and More

The filming began on the 2nd of July, 2014 in New York. Two images from the movie appeared in the Net on the 29th of July. The official poster appeared on the 14th of May.
The Outskirts Movie Cast
Peyton List is the youngest in the cast. Her character is the same age as her.

Release Date Info

The first release of The Outskirts was planned for the 26th of June, 2015. Later, the date was pushed to the 6th of November the same year. After that, there was a post on the official Twitter account that the film would come out in 2016. The exact release date is the 31st if December, 2016.


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