The Old Man and the Gun (2017)

Daring bank robberies, elaborate and professionally sophisticated, often become the main subject for films. But if such a format is used in a comedy movie, here, it becomes, of course, not everything is so smooth. An upcoming US film The Old Man and the Gun, which is a sort of parody of a robbery story, will be about a thief who has behind him a lot of years in prison. This movie definitely should arouse the interest of the viewers who love quality comedies with good humor and entangled and dynamic plot. The new movie should come out in 2017, but today there is no more accurate information about the air date.

Production Info

The Old Man and the Gun (2017) Cast
The story of The Old Man and the Gun is directed by David Lowery, a filmmaker, writer and producer from the US. His main helper in this is David Grann, the man who also was writing the script of the film.
The movie would be impossible to make without the crew of professional developers as producers responsible for the promotion of the cinema among the audience. These people are such as:

  • James M. Johnston;
  • Dawn Ostroff;
  • Bill Holdermann;
  • Jeremy Steckler;
  • Robert Redford;
  • Anthony Mastromauro.

The main companies producing The Old Man and the Gun and presenting all the information concerning possible release date are Identity Films, Condé Nast and Wildwood Enterprises.

Plot Peculiarities and Cast

The main roles in the film are played by the following actors:

  • Casey Affleck;
  • Sissy Spacek;
  • Robert Redford, who is also one of movie producers.

An elderly and experienced robber, known for his daring bank robberies, has already escaped from prison many times. Before leaving on rest, he decides to spend the last serious business to ensure his old age and retire with dignity. He is planning a big robbery, but that genre of film is still more comedy than drama, so the audience will see a lot of awkward moments and funny scenes, of which the main character will have to get out. A new film will be another movie about funny robbers, who, in spite of their bad intentions, the audience is usually very fond of.

Possible Terms of Air Date and Prospects

Everything which is known today is that the cinema will air in 2017. The authors haven’t yet presented more accurate information, so the viewers around the world just have to wait for the premiere hoping that it will not fall short of theirs expectations. Stay tuned to receive all the news concerning The Old Man and the Gun to know when the film is going to debut and what changes its creators are going to make.


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